Which book will Outlander Season 7B be based on?

Outlander Season 7B will be released this year. If you want to get ahead, you must know what books to read. 

The first half of the season finished up the A Breath of Snow and Ashes storylines before moving on to Claire, Jamie, Young Ian 

or William's An Echo in the Bone themes. Roger and Bree did, however, receive some of their Written in My Own Heart's Blood tales. 

So, which books will the TV series follow for the remainder of the season? While we can't say for definite because we're not in the writers'  

room, we can make assumptions based on the plots predicted this season. 

Outlander season 7B will cover two books. Claire and Jamie's narratives in An Echo in the Bone have yet to be completed. The two and Young Ian have landed in Scotland.

This is a significant aspect of the seventh book's plot, and it all leads up to a key scene involving Claire and Lord John Grey that book lovers are eager to watch unfold. 

Similarly, William's tale has a lot to cover since the sixth volume. We should expect to see more of that in Outlander Season 7B. 

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