Fact Check: Is Randy Travis dead? Stagehand tragic accident explored

Stagehand Thomas Roberts, 68, passed away yesterday. He was a singer and performer for Randy Travis.

 After he allegedly cheated on her, his wife Christine Ann Roberts shot him to death. Nevertheless, 

Travis survived the incident and is not considered a victim. The country music singer shared a photo of herself on Facebook along with a note expressing her sadness and said the stage would never be the same without Roberts.

One of the top stage lighting technicians in the industry shared the scenic settings and twisting roads with the Randy Travis band and crew for many years.

Travis added that Roberts had a calm yet endearing demeanor and was an expert in stage lighting. 

He continued by saying that the latter had a distinct mindset where he

Music will not be the same without Roberts, according to Randy Travis, who announced that his More Life tour will happening the next week.

 He concluded by noting that people who knew Thomas well will remember him.

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