Vicco at Benidorm Fest 2024: "I write songs so that my exes listen to me"

Vicco's life underwent a 180-degree change just one year ago. The Catalan performed with Nochentera at the second Benidorm Festival.

What she didn't foresee was that the RTVE event would alter the path of her career. Vicco has progressed from composing for other musicians to become one of the most popular singers in our country. 

 Something that began in the city of Benidorm with a glittering outfit, brilli, and one of Spanish pop's most catchy choruses.

A year later, Vicco has returned to the place where it all began: Benidorm. This time, she has returned in style, as the star of the festival.

Vicco has given us a few minutes at the Hotel Don Pancho to reflect on his achievement and reveal the secrets of his first record.

What's it like to return to Benidorm Fest without the pressure to participate? It's a gorgeous flashback. Arriving, it seemed like, "How strong that a year ago

I came here with two suitcases and a dream, and now I return with three and a year of collecting everything that had been shadowed for many years." 

It's at my parents' place, and my mother has it. My music area is like a museum, with show posters and trophies to inspire my compositions. 

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