Tuesday night's debacle is a heartbreaking reminder to value Joel Embiid now.

Joel Embiid, born in Cameroon, initially pursued soccer and volleyball before transitioning to basketball at 15.

Despite his unconventional path, he has become the reigning NBA MVP and a dominant force in the league.

Embiid often compares his life to a movie script filled with unexpected twists and turns.

His career has been marred by numerous injuries, posing challenges to his consistent performance.

Despite his achievements, there's a sense of urgency to appreciate Embiid's talent while he's still playing at a high level.

Recent events, including missing games due to injury, have stirred speculation and concern about Embiid's health.

Media scrutiny and rumors about Embiid "ducking" matchups have added pressure to his situation.

If signed by February 2, Snell will complete his tenth year of service and be eligible for the union's premium medical plan, which covers players' families.

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