Travis, Jason Kelce's mother is a contestant on "Price Is Right" 

On Thursday, CBS said that Donna Kelce would be on The Price Is Right at Night on Wednesday. 

 Travis and Jason Kelce, her boys, will be video guests on the show.

People in the family call Donna Kelce "Mama Kelce," and they are part of the show's Ultimate Super Bowl Party. 

Donna tells the contestants what their gifts are.

Travis Kelce plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Kevin Kelce plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

There are big gifts and Super Bowl-themed packages on The Price Is Right special, like a trip to Las Vegas to see the game.

The boys get to call out Donna Kelce and tell her to "Come on down." Donna Kelce states, "As a proud NFL mom to Jason and Travis, I never miss a chance to cheer them on from the stands."

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