Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Needs a True Solo Film

Marvel Studios and Sony's development of the next live-action Spider-Man feature has been unusually quiet following the tremendous success of No Way Home, which grossed over $2 billion.

 Part of this could have been related to Tom Holland's contract discussions to continue as the wall-crawler. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes also slowed development, but now that they're finished, it's time to speculate on what comes next for Tom Holland's Spider-Man.

Holland's next Spider-Man film will be the fourth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) franchise and his eighth as the character.

According to The Hot Mic's Jeff Sneider, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers provided a "very good" script for the sequel, with no word on Jon Watts returning to direct.

Given the MCU and multiverse's limitless potential, the Spider-Man sequel might take a variety of ways. 

Spider-Man 4 has also been speculated to be a ground-level Civil War film starring multiple characters, but this may not be the greatest approach. Instead, Sony and Marvel Studios should strive to craft a more concentrated story with Holland's next solo Spider-Man film.

When Marvel Studios gained creative control of the Spider-Man franchise, they moved quickly to confirm his presence in the MCU following his Captain America:

Civil War debut by incorporating Iron Man, Captain America, Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, and other characters in the first movie. Homecoming did a wonderful job of putting the spotlight on Spider-Man, 

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