Tom Brady's father discloses Bill Belichick's 'horrible' trait that terminated Patriots glory days.

It has long been speculated that Bill Belichick was ready to move on from Tom Brady.

Belichick achieved his seeming goal ahead of 2020, but star quarterback Tom Brady won a Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Meanwhile, Belichick's New England Patriots have missed the playoffs in three of the four years since Brady's departure.

The head coach and the Patriots split ways at the end of the season, but despite numerous other job opportunities, some of which he interviewed for, 

it appears that Belichick will not be on an NFL sideline for the first time since 1974.Of course, the connection between Brady and Belichick deteriorated at the end of their tenure. 

Belichick's hard-nosed approach may have worked for a dynasty, but it was the complete reverse for quarterback Mac Jones and the rest of the Patriots over the last four seasons.

According to Tom Brady Sr., that ego contributed to the demise of the dynasty.

"Bill is tough. He runs a military system. It is a different generation.

 Brady Sr. told the Boston Globe that Bill is an excellent coach. "But his interpersonal skills are terrible. That is the bottom line.

"How many times did he say, back in '15 or '16, that he wanted to win without Tommy?" 

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