Tom Brady, Sr.: Bill Belichick is a fantastic coach with poor interpersonal skills.

The father of Tom Brady has spoken out on why Bill Belichick appears to be out of head coaching jobs in 2024.

Tom Brady Sr. told the Boston Globe that Belichick's personal abilities are insufficient to reach today's NFL players.

"Bill is tough," Brady Sr. explained. "He manages a military structure. It is a different generation. Bill is an excellent coach. 

 However, he has poor interpersonal skills. That is the bottom line. How many times did he say, back in '15 or '16, that he wanted to win without Tommy? 

When he left without Tommy, he had no idea what he was missing. You're losing more than just one quarterback. Ego can get in the way of things.

 I believe it did with Bill. Now, he's in a situation where he's been crucified by everyone for the previous few years, and his rose has lost a lot of its shine.

Brady Sr. claims Patriots owner Robert Kraft knows he bet on the wrong horse when he listened to Belichick's assessment of an aging athlete and allowed Brady Jr. to leave New England for Tampa Bay. 

Brady Sr. claimed that when the Brady family arrived for the Patriots' 2023 season opener, Kraft approached them and told them he should have let Brady complete his career somewhere other than New England.

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