Tim McGraw Reveals Opening Acts For ‘Standing Room Only Tour’

Tim McGraw has revealed the names of the bands who will be performing as opening acts for his forthcoming "Standing Room Only Tour."

These bands include Abby Anderson, the Heartwreckers, Randall King, Landon Parker, Peytan Porter, Restless Road, Track45, Timothy Wayne, and The Woods.

As a special guest and direct supporter, Carly Pearce will be present at each and every one of the engagements.

The "Standing Room Only Tour" will begin on March 14 in Jacksonville and will travel to 45 different locations to perform in several arenas.

The brand new track "One Bad Habit" by McGraw, which is a part of his extended play (EP) Poet's Resumé and 

is currently available on Big Machine Records, was also released. The song "One Bad Habit," which was written by Marc Beeson, Aaron Eshuis, and Tony Lane,

coincides with the success of McGraw's most recent single, "Standing Room Only," which became McGraw's 47th number one smash in the fall of last year.

In order to express his gratitude to his devoted followers, McGraw sent Poet's Resumé just prior to the holiday season in the previous year.

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