The Missing Opportunity in Stranger Things Season 5

As fans wait for Stranger Things season 5, they wonder what will happen to one of their favorite characters:

Argyle, the permanently stoned pizza delivery guy from season 4. While his presence was welcome, it appears that Argyle will not be returning in the future season

Eduardo Franco, the actor who played Argyle, disclosed that he had not received a call to repeat his role,

prompting many to speculate about the missed potential for a perfect exit for this fan-favorite character.

Argyle's absence in season 5 raises concerns regarding the choice to write him out between seasons. 

While it's reasonable that the program needs to reduce its large ensemble, the decision to forego a dramatic exit for Argyle may have been a mistake

The possibility of Vecna claiming Argyle as his first victim created an intriguing story option, one that could have set a darker and more dramatic tone for the upcoming season.

The absence of Argyle, a figure who supplied lighter humor and occasional insight, creates a hole that could have been filled by a moving and meaningful exit.

 His departure in season 5 will definitely be noticed, particularly by fans of Stranger Things' ensemble cast.

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