Taylor Swift's $150m boost to Kansas City Chiefs has propelled them to Cowboys level. 

Taylor Swift has become a money-making machine, and she's enlisting the Kansas City Chiefs.  Two NFL executives told The U.S. Sun how the Cruel Summer singer has affected the Chiefs' revenues and how the franchise has benefited from the exposure.

Both executives were stunned by the spike in TV ratings and marketing income that made them one of the top three NFL clubs. TV numbers have increased 18% every time the singer attends one of boyfriend Travis Kelce's games, say insiders.

Traditionally, the Dallas Cowboys have led, but the Super Bowl champions are closing in. "That is insane," claimed the insider, who added that shirt sales have climbed 20% this season, potentially generating $30 million in extra income.

Kelce shirts are selling well—15,000 were sold on various platforms in recent weeks, 2,000 on matchdays. "Knowing that Travis sold 400-500 jerseys a week last season, those numbers are going through the roof," said an anonymous NFL business expert.

"Patrick Mahomes is the No. 1 in the league with Jalen Hurts on the jersey sale list, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelce’s jersey reaches the same number soon, especially if Chiefs win the Super Bowl."

Taylor is promoting the NFL like never before by attending games for free, which may annoy NFL purists nationwide. The source compared her impact on a sports team to Shakira's exposure of Barcelona's soccer club when she dated Gerard Pique.

"We will get the season numbers after the Super Bowl, but if the Chiefs win for example, it’s expected to be more than up to $150 million would be generated by Taylor Swift’s presence and being, clearly, the new ambassador of the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase not only in the United States, but worldwide."

Another source, who specializes in merchandising and new markets, noted that women's Chiefs apparel sales have soared, with $150,000 worth of jerseys, T-shirts, and hoodies bolstering the cash balance. The insider said women's sizes and designs are being snatched up "never been seen for a football player ever."

"There's clearly a huge Swifties fan base rising to support Taylor’s boyfriend," said he. Kelce's women's clothing is one of the most popular in US sports, along with LeBron James and Stephen Curry in the NBA and Ohtani in the MLB. That is a massive wave of Swifites and Travis Kelce devotees. 

Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has worked hard to promote the NFL into global markets, will be pleased to hear that Chiefs merchandise sales have climbed worldwide, particularly in England, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, and France. Another consequence for the Chiefs is the number of sponsors wanting a piece of Swift-Kelce action.

Sony, Oakley, Draft Kings, EA Sports, and Gatorade are among 80 sponsorship businesses, but more are approaching. The insider said "tons" of interested parties have approached the front office recently, offering $30 million to $40 million a year. "The Chiefs are already a franchise that makes a lot of money because of their titles and wins, but it’s about to be turning into a gold mine with Taylor Swift’s effect," said. 

"She will assist them and the NFL make hundreds of millions. Because she dating Travis Kelce and attends Chiefs games, I predict it will reach over $500 million between this and next season. "It's unbelievable."

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