Summary of the first episode of Outlander: Claire has returned.

Fans of Outlander, rejoice—the Droughtlander is officially over! After months in prison for the murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds) and her unborn child,

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is now being desperately searched for by Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Young Ian (John Bell) as they race across the countryside to save her from the gallows.

If we adopt a positive outlook on the matter, we can see that Claire won't be swinging anytime soon because Wilmington's courts have been closed because of street disturbances. 

 Jamie must have a significant advantage over his wife's escape plot given that he has been imprisoned for who knows how long, right?

False. Naturally, word has gotten out that a healer is behind bars, and with all the commotion in Wilmington's streets, 

 the governor has asked Claire to accompany him aboard his ship, where he and his expectant wife are presently marooned for protection. 

The governor's wife isn't thrilled about having a merry murderess diagnose her illness,

but all works out when Claire diagnoses food poisoning and gives the woman ginger tea rather than putting her to death.

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