Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Explained

That's what happens when Netflix splits the penultimate season of its biggest success into two parts, increases its filming budget to essentially "infinite,"

then spends more than a month hyping the grand denouement to come. The two episodes that comprise Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 had a lot to deliver on. 

Fortunately for viewers, the roughly four hours of television are mainly successful.

As with previous Stranger Things finales, season 4 episode 9 "The Piggyback" is a cathartic, action-packed spectacle.

 Unlike previous seasons' finales, this one leaves certain questions unanswered. Because the show has one more season to go,

 "The Piggyback" makes sure to set up Stranger Things' last act as well as close this one.

Before we get into the meat (yuck) of Stranger Things' season 4 finale, let's clear up a riddle that the show resolves in episode 8. We know Will (Noah Schnapp) has been working on a picture that he intends to show to his friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

It's also evident that Will is grappling with the fact that he's gay and has a crush on his closest friend

So one would expect the painting and the disclosure of Will's crush to be linked. It turns out, they're only kind of.

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