Randy Travis honored for great career despite health issues: 'What country music is all about'

As one of the greatest country music icons of all time, Randy Travis is eager to be honored and to raise awareness of a health problem that fundamentally altered his life.

At a concert titled "A Heroes and Friends Tribute to Randy Travis," the singer,

who is best known for hits like "Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart," "Deeper Than the Holler," and "Forever and Ever, Amen," will be honored. 

With the assistance of his wife Mary, the singer spoke to Fox News Digital ahead of the October concert about his illustrious career.

Paramount and Christopher McQuarrie's most recent film has achieved a significant milestone,

It means "a lot" to Randy, who has limited speech due to an aphasic stroke he suffered in 2013 but is still able to communicate,

that so many prominent country music artists are uniting to celebrate his career

Mary clarified, saying, "It means a lot to him." Mary usually speaks for her husband. Just knowing that the music he created endures over time is all that matters."

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