Patrick Mahomes Defends His ‘Dad Bod’: ‘I Got Kids!’

Patrick Mahomes gave an honest response to fans who recently mocked his body. Fans mocked him after

He was recorded shirtless while celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs' victory in the AFC Championship game this weekend.

On Wednesday, Mahomes addressed all of the jokes about his "dad bod" that were shown in a film posted by the NFL.

In the video, Mahomes praised his team for the "great job" they accomplished in their AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

"Yoooo, why do they have to treat me like that?!?!?"  The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback tweeted, "#DadBodSZN." "Like I have babies!!! @Chiefs @InsideTheNFL

Despite being mocked for his dad bod, Mahomes delivered another outstanding performance, going 30-for-39 for 241 yards, one touchdown,

zero turnovers in the Chiefs' second consecutive AFC Championship victory. Mahomes and his teammates 

will be making their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five seasons. They have won twice: in 2020 and 2023.

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