'Outlander's Theme Song Has a Deeper Meaning

Outlander is a period drama about Claire Randall (Catriona Balfe), a nurse-turned-

surgeon who travels across time from the mid-twentieth century to 18th-century Scotland and beyond. 

The only constants in the program are Claire's love and marriage to her 18th-century husband, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), a warrior leading the Jacobite Rebellion, and their ties to home

The show does a good job of depicting history and the characters' conflicted feelings about it.

Time has to be altered, therefore the characters do their best to preserve their history.

These themes of family, home, and history are poignantly portrayed in the show's classic theme tune by composer Bear McCreary

The Outlander theme song, "The Skye Boat Song," can be traced back to a Scottish song called "Cuachag nan Craobh" ("Cuckoo of the Tree"), which was initially created by writer William Ross about 1782.

However, the version in the series is based on lyric edits made to the original song by Sir Harold Boulton in the nineteenth century, 

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