Outlander Season-Premiere Recap: A Violent Man

Outlander, the television series that adores returning viewers after a break with a visual impact akin to being pelted with cold water in the face, 

is so nice. It's not a criticism at all! Can you believe it? Our beloved time-traveling historical romance is back for season seven, and it reminds us just what Outlander is all about: 

The careful balancing act between swoon-worthy romance and graphic trauma. Well,

it's not always that delicate. However, they show a lot of Jamie's horrifying and intricate dream in which he hangs Claire at the beginning of season seven! 

 Some may argue that this is too much. He then continues with his voiceover,

telling himself that he knows Claire is still alive because she is his blood and his bone, and he would know if she were to pass away. 

The new (awesome but little unsettling) Outlander opening credits start as he then says to Ian, 

"Let's go get my wife," and the two set off toward Wilmington. Is it really necessary for me to restrain myself from getting up and applauding because I don't really have that much dignity? Yes, I did, that's why. 

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