‘Outlander’ recap: Claire and Jamie stop being polite and start getting real

As closely associated with sex positivity and the female gaze as "Outlander" is, it does contain a significant amount of rape.

The second season of "La Dame Blanche" features two pivotal scenes that set the tone for the episode.

The first one is around Claire and Jamie having the argument they've been avoiding all season and revealing everything they've been keeping within.

 Claire's husband appears to find his joie de vivre after telling Jamie early in the episode that Jack Randall is still alive. In fact, 

 he sincerely praises his very pregnant wife for giving him something to look forward to as soon as he hears the news. awkward.

If having a child wasn't enough to give Jamie hope, then it seems that being able to murder Randall himself does,

She worked as a combat medic and he worked in intelligence during World War II, 

so they were apart for almost five years, save for a few days here and there. She still remembers the difficulties of attempting to treat injured soldiers on the spot, and he is excited about a position teaching history at Oxford.

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