Outlander recap: Brianna and Roger return to the stone

When not one, not two, but three stories elicit breathtaking and jaw-dropping emotions, you know a drama series is truly on fire. This is the Outlander that everyone has grown to love and know.

The identification of Malva's (Jessica Reynolds) real killer is the first unexpected story. Did I stand alone in thinking that Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) was the one responsible? 

 I ought to have realized that Allan, her brother (Alexander Vlahos), was there. He has always seemed dubious at best. However, 

I was surprised to find out about his relationship with his sister and his affirmation that the child she carried was indeed his! 

 Or that when Malva refused to go with Allan to establish a new family, he cut her throat.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) stops Allan from shooting himself despite being repulsed by his confession

only to see his eyes go empty as he hits the ground with an arrow in his back. While Young Ian (John Bell) doesn't feel guilty about Allan's father's

"Let's go get my wife," and the two set off toward Wilmington. Is it really necessary for me to restrain myself from getting up and applauding because I don't really have that much dignity? Yes, I did, that's why. 

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