Olivia Jade is ‘scrambling’ to get home to LA after Kylie Jenner denied her transportation on her $72m private plane.

Olivia Jade had to find a way home to LA when KYLIE Jenner refused to take her on her $72 million private plane. Olivia and Kylie have been close for years, thanks to the reality star's best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, according to an informant who told The United States Sun.

"Kylie has given rides to Olivia for years on her private jet since they run in the same circles and both frequently travel between Palm Springs and LA," a source added. It's no great deal for Kylie to offer Olivia a ride on her private plane, which she provides to her BFF Stassie.

Olivia was left scurrying to find other plans after Kylie told her her customary lift home to LA was filled on a recent weekend late last year, hurting her sentiments. "It's not like Olivia was left to hitchhike home or anything like that of course, but feelings were definitely hurt, and it caused drama in their friend circle," a source said.

Influencer and reality star have not been pictured together at events, thus the bond may be surprising. PageSix reported that they were seen together at Kylie's former assistant Victoria Villaroel's birthday in early 2020. According to DailyMail, the pair was seen together at a TikTok party in LA in September.

KYLIE JET Kylie is criticized for her frequent usage of her gas-guzzling private plane. Kylie flew her 19-passenger Bombardier from LA to Certenoli, Italy for her sister Kourtney Kardashian's wedding in 10 hours and 10 minutes, according to Celebrity Jets.

The flight's $34,485 fuel expense produced 54 tons of CO2. Her sister Kim Kardashian drove to the same place, spending $35,825 on petrol and emitting 56 tons of CO2. Fans slammed the Kar-Jenners for their ridesharing hesitancy on social media.

One Twitter user remarked, "Nothing like wasting CO2 taking multiple private jets across the world to go from living next door to the same castle for the same wedding." KarJenner fans concurred on another popular site, asking: “For the love of the environment, can’t these people just travel together?”

Just plane wrong For talking about her expensive plane and flying it for 17 minutes, Kylie was ridiculed. Her 2022 Instagram image showed her and rapper ex-boyfriend Travis Scott in front of their fancy aircraft and Mercedes Maybach. 

Makeup mogul captioned Instagram photo, "You wanna take mine or yours?" Comments were filled with fan fury. One person joked, "Global warming who?" "[Whose] plane should we pollute the earth [with] today?" Another spoke up.  Things got worse when Kylie utilized her plane for a 17-minute trip.

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