OKC Thunder Arguably Had Their Best Month of the Season in January

Given how demanding the January schedule was, one could easily argue that the OKC Thunder's victory over the Denver Nuggets sealed off their greatest month of the year.

.The Oklahoma City Thunder, who have a 33-15 record this season, have not stopped impressing. 

 The three victories over the defending champions, the victory over Boston,

 and the emergence of their stars have already brought the Bricktown guys many highs. 

December's 10-3 record—which included victories over the Nuggets twice, the Clippers,

 the Timberwolves, and the Knicks—will be difficult to surpass, but January's 11-6 record might be able to surpass the eye-catching Holiday Hoops.

 OKC Thunder have demonstrated their extraordinary maturity by persevering through the demanding January schedule.

Even though the losses are doubled, you still have a superior

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