Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.

Don't expect Outlander Season 8 episodes until 2024, when filming begins.We want Droughtlander short. Unfortunately, this series takes a long time to produce and post-produce. So, no Outlander Season 8 in 2024.

However, there is some good news. Production begins next year. Production may have started this year but was delayed by the summer strike. 

The WGA strike halted writing, and despite not being a SAG show, much of the show supported the SAG-AFTRA strike.Fall saw the return of writing. 

The final season's production began, and Sam Heughan had good news.Spring production begins. 

Heughan confirmed that Outlander Season 8 filming would begin in spring 2024, not March. It's probably a good thing he predicted Outlander Season 6 world premiere in February after STARZ indicated “early 2022” and it did in March!

Filming is expected to finish late this year, with Heughan suggesting October. Post-production might take as long as production. 

Late spring 2025 is likely for post-production.This allows a late 2025 Outlander Season 8 premiere. 

Filming for the prequel begins in January 2024, so we may see it first. However, two Outlander seasons may air in 2025.

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