Netflix's Griselda as Season 2 Approval Remains Unconfirmed 

NETFLIX's GRISELDA has only six episodes but feels much longer. It contains enough cocaine-fueled assassinations, prison phone sex, and Sofia Vergara facial alterations to last several binges. 

With so much death and destruction, the Colombian drug kingpin leaves nothing in her powdered wake, which may not include a second season.

While the true Griselda Blanco narrative is more terrible than the Netflix limited series, Griselda nonetheless sends you on an emotional rollercoaster. 

 The series includes highs that make your heart want to jump out of your chest, as well as lows that make your eyes feel like they're being wrung dry. 

Vergara's most powerful performance comes in her first dramatic starring role as the ruthless Colombian drug boss. She has been frank about her personal connection

stating that she was raised in Colombia during Blanco's terror reign and lost her brother to the drug trade. If it was difficult to tell which aspects of her portrayal 

were her own and which were her playing as Blanco, it was because recreating Blanco's life became too real to ignore.

"I had to deal with a lot of tension and labor behind the scenes. "And I think by episode five, I had completely transformed into a monster, as had Griselda," she told CBS News.

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