NBA slaps Anthony Edwards with hefty $40K fine for referee destruction.

The NBA fined Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards $40,000 for his statements concerning referees.

Edwards, who was open about his discontent with the officiating following a recent victory over Oklahoma City, has now learned the hard way that insulting the hand that feeds has consequences.

The league wasted no time in disciplining Edwards for his statements, adding a significant amount to its already overflowing coffers. 

The decision has prompted significant resentment among NBA players and fans, who believe the league's conduct policy is inconsistent and misleading.

In the game against the Thunder, Edwards claimed that the referees ignored opposing team contact, creating an unfair "8-on-5" mismatch. 

Despite the triumph, Edwards couldn't contain his rage and released a blistering attack of the officiating, going so far as to label it a "bad night" and accused the refs of cheating.

While some think that Edwards' statements went too far, others wonder if a $40,000 fine is justified for what appears to be an innocuous remark. 

The NBA's disciplinary actions have been called into doubt, as more serious crimes frequently end in slaps on the wrist for players.

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