Mike Florio accuses ESPN's Adam Schefter of 'irresponsible' reporting.

Mike Florio questioned Adam Schefter's reporting on Ben Johnson.

After interviewing for the head coaching position, the offensive coordinator chose to remain with the Detroit Lions.

Schefter stated Johnson was not a "lock" for a head coaching position and that his asking price "spooked" teams.

During a Wednesday interview on Chicago's 670 The Score, Florio chastised Schefter for making that charge without providing further information.

"I'm just amazed that he can get away with stuff that others can't get away with," he remarked. "And I'm not saying he's going to get away with this, I'm pointing it out currently."

"To me, it seemed irresponsible to say that Ben Johnson's asking price intimidated teams without providing any additional information, context, or an opportunity for Johnson or his agency to reply.

And I'd be dragged if I did.The founder of Pro Football Talk also stated that he and Schefter were formerly friends but "currently aren't." 

Florio deemed it "unfair" for the ESPN insider to fabricate a story about Johnson that would be "treated as gospel."

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