Micah Parsons takes aim at Cowboys' coaching

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons' initial comments about the team's playoff loss to the Packers were 17 days after the "embarrassing and unacceptable" defeat.

Imagine how pointed his statements would have been if he had followed league regulations mandating all players to talk with reporters immediately after the game.

In the most recent episode of his podcast, Parsons discussed some of the issues that led to the 48-32 loss to Green Bay.

In doing so, he put the finger squarely at coaching.

"We were just outperformed, outschemed, however you want to put it," Parsons was quoted as saying.

So, guess what? The packages are ready for me to move to linebacker. 

There are numerous packages and versions, but I can only play what is called. 

Whatever the call is, whatever staff they have on board. I am not putting out personnel.

 I'm not putting out calls. Nothing comes from me, so you may put it wherever you want, but it's not from me.

Parsons' words are real, raw, and refreshing—unless you're defensive coordinator Dan Quinn or head coach Mike McCarthy.

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