Joe Flacco leads the Browns to their third postseason appearance since 1999.

The audience chanted "Fla-cco, Fla-cco" Thursday night when the Cleveland Browns qualified for the playoffs, and the party continued in the locker room. Joe Flacco led the Browns (11-5) to a 37-20 win over the Jets to make their first playoff appearance since 2020 and third since 1999."

Pretty special night for this organisation," said Cleveland coach Kevin Stefanski. "Pretty special night for the fans out there." Before an exciting atmosphere, the Browns surged on New York early and never backed down.

Flacco threw three touchdown touchdowns in the first half, including a 7-yard ball to Jerome Ford on the first possession.ESPN Stats & Information said that Flacco passed for 296 yards in the first half, his most ever.

Cleveland's four-game winning streak has seen Flacco throw for over 300 yards in every game. "This is obviously a very unique situation for me, so a lot of different emotions are going through my head," said Flacco.

the only NFL quarterback to score at least 250 passing yards and multiple touchdowns in his first five games with a new team. "The city is incredible... It's fantastic to play for them because they adore football." Flacco had no team six weeks ago.

After three seasons with the Jets, he went unsigned in the offseason and was brought to Cleveland's practice squad on Nov. 20 after Deshaun Watson's season-ending shoulder injury.

Despite turning 39 next month, Flacco is leading this team into the playoffs. "Everybody always joked, even in Baltimore, was he elite?" Mosley, a Jets linebacker, said of Flacco, a 2012 Ravens Super Bowl winner.

"He's exhibiting. Most guys, especially veterans his age, don't do what he did, coming from home to hang with his kids. I told him after the game that Browns fans screaming, 'Flacco!' is ridiculous. I was surprised, but I'm glad for him. We wanted the win, but as a friend and fan, I'm thrilled for him."

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