Jim Harbaugh is not for everyone, but he's perfect for the Chargers.

Jim Harbaugh admitted to the Los Angeles Chargers during one of his interviews that he has the worst poker face. In other words, you get exactly what you see.

It's absolutely not what you hear, because while Harbaugh can tell you about his latest trip to Home Depot, his facial expressions indicate that his mind is elsewhere, 

like as assisting Justin Herbert, his crown jewel, in becoming a league MVP and Super Bowl champion.Let's get this straight.

It's what you see, not what you hear, or an agitated Harbaugh might define reading comprehension. During his first news conference as head coach of the Chargers on Thursday, he momentarily displayed his furious side.

I was waiting for that side to arrive since 60 minutes of chatting with local reporters is not something I recall from his four seasons as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

It has been nine years since Harbaugh last coached in the NFL. I don't follow college football very closely, so I was intrigued to see how much he had changed in front of a podium after spending the last decade coaching at Michigan,

where he had a lot of success, including winning the national championship last month.Harbaugh has successfully transformed the operations of every team he has coached as head coach, 

from the University of San Diego to Stanford to the 49ers. Harbaugh, 60, led San Francisco to Super Bowl XLVII, but his team fell to his older brother John's Baltimore Ravens.

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