Jalen Brunson chosen All-Star; scores 40 to lift Knicks

Jalen Brunson, known for his stoicism, had an emotional night after making the All-Star team and leading the Knicks to victory.

Despite his usual reserved demeanor, Brunson struggled to contain his emotions as MSG fans chanted MVP after the game.

Brunson described the evening as special, acknowledging the significance of the win and his personal achievements.

The victory showcased the Knicks' resilience, with key players missing due to injuries.

Brunson, often deflecting attention, was unavoidably the center of focus due to his standout performance.

His journey from a second-round draft pick to an All-Star exemplifies his perseverance and growth.

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, who coached Brunson's father, praised Brunson's development and ability to overcome doubters

Despite struggles during the game, Brunson's leadership and performance propelled the Knicks to victory.

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