Former Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh's father, Jack, shows up at Michigan baseball practice as Wolverines prepare for new season

Jim Harbaugh's father, Jack Harbaugh, is noted for his motivational speeches. He has done so several times with 

the Michigan Wolverines and John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens. The national championship-winning assistant coach recently returned to do it for Michigan's baseball team.

In a video uploaded by Michigan Baseball on X (previously Twitter), Jack can be seen approaching the team as they prepare for the new season, and as usual, he has a question for them.

Here's a video of former Michigan Wolverines football coach Jim Harbaugh's father, Jack Harbaugh, showing up to baseball practice:

The baseball team got pumped up and prepared an echoing response for the 84-year-old.

The Wolverines are preparing for the new season, which begins in just two weeks. They'll face Eastern Michigan in their debut game on February 16 in Glendale, Arizona.

Tracy Smith's guys hope to improve on last season's 28-28 overall record. Perhaps Coach Jack's excitement was all they needed to meet their goals for the forthcoming baseball season.

Jack Harbaugh inspired not only the Michigan Wolverines collegiate football (and now baseball) team, but also his other son, John Harbaugh, and the Baltimore Ravens.

When the Ravens defeated the Houston Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs, the 84-year-old appeared with the same question for Lamar Jackson and his teammates.

This got the entire locker room excited for the upcoming AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Ravens eventually lost to the Chiefs a week later, but Jack's words certainly gave them an adrenaline surge.

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