Former Dallas RB Ezekiel Elliott Workout Video Goes Viral

Ezekiel Elliott, who was released by the Cowboys, is working out with his trusty trainer Josh Hicks 

while awaiting an invitation to sign with a new team. A video of this is available on social media. 

Ezekiel Elliott is no longer with the Dallas Cowboys after being fired earlier this summer. 

However, the two-time NFL rushing champion still lives in The Star's shadow, so it makes sense for him to train here during the summer. 

While waiting to be asked to join a new squad, Elliott is working out with his trusted trainer Josh Hicks. The video has gone viral on social media. 

Hicks has been working with Zeke on his speed over the last few offseasons, although some may argue that this video does not adequately demonstrate it. 

When it was all said and done, Zeke was no longer a $15 million running back. The labor continues, sometimes in partner Dak Prescott's "Dak-Yard. 

Zeke is not a cowboy, and the transaction is unfortunately part of the business. And it appears that the criticism of a Twitter Scouts film about social media does as well. 

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