Charles Barkley encourages NBA teams to sign veteran players in need.

Charles Barkley is notorious for using his time on Inside the NBA to bring attention to important basketball issues, and this week was no different,

as the Chuckster pleaded with NBA teams to assist a veteran forward whose time in the game is coming to an end.

Barkley requested that the NBA come together as a family and sign longstanding Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks role player Tony Snell by the end of the week. 

Under current player's union rules, Snell is only eligible for medical treatment for himself, not his family. 

However, according to a Yahoo! Sports report published last week, Snell is the father of two children who have been diagnosed with autism, resulting in considerable medical bills.

"I hope one of you guys signs Tony so his two autistic kids can get great medical care," Barkley stated in a statement. 

"We always talk about being a family. Let's sign that child for the remainder of the season.Snell, 32, is now in his second season with the Boston Celtics' G League affiliate in Maine.

If signed by February 2, Snell will complete his tenth year of service and be eligible for the union's premium medical plan, which covers players' families.

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