Chapel Hart's Trea Swindle Recalls Meeting Randy Travis 

While touring for their Glory Days Tour, Chapel Hart gladly stopped to chat with us. Our top question: "Of all the country music icons you've gotten to meet since your big breakthrough, which encounter has meant the most to you?"

That was Big & Rich for Danica Hart. Her sister Devynn Hart met Gretchen Wilson for her birthday. Trea Swindle, their first cousin? She told us about meeting one of the biggest country music stars, but she had to take us back to the band's breakout on America's Got Talent and the subsequent fame.

"I’m going to go back to before hardly anybody knew who we were—the very first time we were invited to be guests at the CMT Artists of the Year awards, three or four years ago now," added Swindle.

Perhaps we're easily amused, or perhaps we're just three Mississippi bumpkins, but we had the time of our lives there. The red carpet requires demureness and a nice smile, but we're like, "Oh my gosh it's Little Big Town!" and try to stay calm."

Swindle stated the night's biggest moment was when everyone left and everything shut down. Country Music Hall of Famer Randy Travis and his wife and assistant met the band. After a devastating stroke in 2013, Travis, 64, has made occasional red carpet and stage appearances.

When Travis saw the Chapel Hart trio, his assistant stopped and said, "Oh, Mr. Travis, this is a new up-and-coming group," Swindle recounted, and Travis handed the band a lifetime surprise.

Swindle added, "Randy Travis doesn’t really speak much." "He cut off his assistant with strength. 'Uh-uh, I know who they are,' he said. All three of us nearly perished. 'Why do you know us, Mr. Travis?!'"

From their four-ovation Grand Ole Opry debut last fall to their CMA Awards performance this spring and the release of their third album, Glory Days, in May, Chapel Hart has come a long way. Finding out Randy Travis knows you? Forever, amen, that would be one of our greatest life moments.

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