Carrie Underwood sends playoff teams luck as her 'Sunday Night Football' absence has fans buzzing.

Carrie Underwood was strangely missing from Sunday Night Football throughout the playoffs. 

Though her legendary act was absent, she spared a moment to wish the playoff teams good fortune in their matches.

"What another great regular season of [NFL] football and being part of [Sunday Night Football] each week!" Underwood posted on Twitter/X. 

Wishing everyone success in the postseason! During the regular season, Underwood's weekly rendition of "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" is a fixture that is beloved by both NFL players and spectators. 

She was supposed to play in the playoffs as well, but alas, no such luck.

After Underwood was left out, the fans became enraged during the game. 

They were left wondering why and received no explanation.

"All these NBC games and not a single Carrie Underwood opening," a fan remarked in a comment. Looks like a miss.

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