Camila Cabello Surprises Fans with Her New Hair Transformation: 'It is time'

Icons including Marilyn Monroe, Cate Blanchett, and Taylor Swift have all worn blonde hairstyles throughout their careers.

 Camila Cabello, a singer and songwriter, just revealed her platinum blonde hair in a video posted on Thursday. Along with the stunning metamorphosis, the 26-year-old Havana singer hinted at new songs

 The tweet received amazing response from Camila's admirers, with over four lakh likes in just 15 hours.

Camila Cabello has mostly worn dark hair throughout her career, so her decision to go blonde has startled many. Nikki Lee, a celebrity hairstylist, gave Camila her new look.

According to Page Six Style, Nikki Lee stated in a press release, "Camila wanted a huge event in 2024, and what better moment than her going platinum blonde! She has never been this hue before.

We promised each other that we could do it as long as we kept her hair as healthy as possible. We got her to this shade after three sessions. It's crucial to be patient and recognise that transitioning from virtually black hair to platinum blonde hair is a process.

However, while blonde hair is a fashionable choice, it also carries a lot of responsibilities.

People frequently have to bleach their hair to achieve the desired blonde hue, which can cause long-term damage to the hair. Additionally, blonde hair fades quickly, making maintenance pricey.

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