Ben Simmons is the hero that the NBA Players Association did not realize it needed.

Ben Simmons arrives at work, sits on the bench in bright outfits and shades, and silently watches the Nets from afar.  

The Nets' well-paid point forward has one of the nicest desk jobs in the NBA. Simmons' return to the shelf to rest another affliction once made him a despised figure,

but he should finally be turning a corner in the court of public opinion. Fans may find this aggravating, but for the rank-and-file professionals who glide up and down the court every night,

he has never looked more like the Platonic ideal.Simmons' return to the Nets coincides with the NBA's 65-game regulation to fight load management being revealed as a bad policy for both players and the league. 

The NBA wanted to safeguard its goods, but it also had unexpected repercussions. Take Tyrese Haliburton, who returns to the Pacers after missing five games due to a groin ailment.

Despite being named an All-Star starter as one of the league's most flamboyant passers and efficient scorers who helped revitalize the Indiana Pacers,

he may be ineligible for All-NBA teams if he misses more than three games. That might ultimately cost him $40 million.

Fears that the NBA's attendance requirement would have a negative impact on its marquee stars' earning potential have been realized.

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