Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunite in the kidnapping crime drama Animals, which is set to release on Netflix.

The enduring friends and partners' most recent production together was "Air," which came out in 2023. 

 Affleck will once again be Damon's director in this endeavor.It's Matt Damon and Ben Affleck once more!

The longtime friends and collaborators are joining forces for Netflix's upcoming kidnapping crime drama Animals.

They last collaborated on the film Air in 2023. The streaming behemoth made the announcement on Thursday.

In their most recent collaboration, Affleck, 51, will helm Damon, 53, once more. Billy Ray and Connor McIntyre wrote the screenplay. However, Affleck will only have a supporting role, as opposed to Air.

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 The History of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Friendship The two Boston natives have been closest friends for a long time, and because of this friendship

 they have worked together on film multiple times. Their most notable on-screen collaborations include Good Will Hunting (1997), which won an Oscar, and The Last Duel (2021), a drama about Nike that will air in 2023.

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