At a Paris fashion show, Kylie Jenner accidently reveals her ‘secret hip pads’ that resemble a ‘diaper’ 

Fans say KYLIE Jenner unintentionally revealed her secret hip pads. Critics speculated on social media that Kylie wore hip padding under her clothes to make her waist appear thinner. 

The Kardashians star wore a tight bedazzled dress to Paris Fashion Week. Kylie, 26, attended the Maison Margiela fashion presentation with Kim and Kris. Short-sleeved sequined silver dress extended to the star's shins.

It showed off her beautiful form and slender waist. Fans felt they saw a weird detail in the shot and discussed it on Reddit. A photo of Kylie with her family during the performance was circulated on social media with the caption "diaper."

The original user questioned "Did the Longbottom get longer?" "Is Kylie padding again?" asked someone. 

"Definitely. I immediately thought the padding didn't match the dress. Without, it looks better. I suppose that would attract less sexual attention... "A commenter responded. 

A user posted a zoomed-in shot of Kylie's rear, claiming padding under her dress. "We don’t call her long bottom for nothing," they said. "Are those pads to give volume...?" 

Critic's Corner Kylie's appearance had previously been criticized for her alleged fillers. Kylie posed with 53-year-old Jennifer "JLo" Lopez at Valentino Haute Couture. She wore a tight black strapless dress and feathery blazer to the concert.

Her hair was pulled back into an updo to highlight her face. "She looks older than JLo!" one startled user posted online. "She’s next to a woman twice her age and she’s the one who looks older," one said. After "too many fillers" in her face, another commenter said Kylie was "beyond saving."

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