“A Wonderful Easter Egg”: Oprah Winfrey on ‘The Color Purple’ Surprise Cameo 

– Whoopi's Return: Whoopi Goldberg, Oscar-nominated for her role in the original, makes a brief appearance as a midwife in the musical remake, assisting a character played by Phylicia Pearl Mpasi.

– Easter Egg for Fans: Producer Oprah Winfrey reveals Goldberg's casting was a deliberate choice as a "wonderful Easter egg" for fans who have cherished the original film over the years.

– Homage to Whoopi: The decision to include Goldberg was also seen as a "lovely homage" to the actress, who played the lead role of Celie in the 1985 version.

– Oprah's Decision: Oprah Winfrey, also a producer and Oscar-nominated for her role in the original, decided not to make an appearance in the remake, opting for Goldberg to be the sole returning cast member.

– Consideration for Audience Reaction: Winfrey considered a cameo during a church scene but thought it might be distracting. She wanted Goldberg's presence to be more special for audiences.

– Logistical Considerations: Winfrey mentioned concerns about COVID and shooting in a church scene in Georgia, influencing her decision not to have an appearance in the film.

Film Cast: The Color Purple remake stars Fantasia Barrino as the adult Celie.

– Danielle Brooks as Sofia, Taraji P. Henson as Shug Avery, and Colman Domingo as Mister.

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