Yellowstone Spin-Off 1923: Where to Watch, Season 2 News, Trailer, Cast, and Everything Else to Know

The prelude to Yellowstone After a month-long midseason vacation, 1923 will return in a few days (the last episode aired back on January 8).

 However, the month off was not simply for leisure; it also appears that creator Taylor Sheridan and Paramount+ were engaged in negotiations behind closed doors, 

 as the latter revealed that 1923 will return for a second season. Sheridan was also busy prepping the final four episodes of Season 1. 

A different set of Duttons, played by Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, are followed in Yellowstone Prequel 1923 as they battle disease, drought, 

and economic turmoil in the untamed West while outsiders attempt to seize their land. 

The story takes place 40 years after the events in the first Yellowstone prequel, 1883. There's always someone attempting to grab their land! Watch the program only on Paramount+.

Forty years have passed after the events of the first Yellowstone prequel, which took place in 1883. Someone is continuously trying to take their land!

View the show only on Paramount+.There will be a second season of 1923. When it comes to when we can anticipate it, 

 who will be returning, how many episodes there will be, or what the story will be about (which makes sense considering that Season 1 isn't even ended yet!),

 Paramount+ made the announcement public on February 3 during the midseason break in Season 1. 

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