Yellowstone Season 2 ‘Premiere’ Recap: Beth Plots to Ruin Both Jamie and Dan — Plus, John Collapse

The second season of Yellowstone on CBS debuted on Sunday, and Beth was right out of the gate. 

 She not only found a gorgeous former rodeo queen to compete with Jamie for the AG post, but she also devised a cunning plan to bankrupt Dan and, in the process, make boss Bob stinkin' rich. 

(Looking a little bit richer?)The story: They purchase a large tract of land, place a conservation easement on it, 

 and then receive funding from the government to keep it uncultivated. To put it briefly, Schwartz & Meyer acquires landlord status without ever leasing a single square foot. For her part,

Beth gets to encircle Daddy's land with a massive moat."On the bright side, cancer is not your diagnosis." John, speaking of which, 

 looked for trouble during "A Thundering." Initially, he created further tension between Kayce and Rip by having his son approve the hiring of Cowboy,

a day laborer, instead of his current foreman. (Not that the rivals didn't band together to let loose a bull—yes, a real bull—at the bar where the waiters had been sat down.)

When Dan made fun of Lee and threatened the developer, saying, "You ain't gettin' cut down [from the noose] next time...

Buccaneers anticipate losing a star player worth $82.5 million to the Bears.