This Thanksgiving, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were once again seen grinning for the camera and back together, despite the fact that their public testimony may differ significantly.

The pair, who just came clean about not having a traditional relationship or marriage,

gathered their entire family—including themselves, their children, and their parents—for the holiday and had everyone gather under one roof for a stylish professional photo shoot.

On their individual Instagram sites, WS and JPS shared various photos, although it seems like Will puked more frequently than Jada did. 

 In particular, there were some quite affectionate photos of the two of them.As you can see, 

 he gives Jada a kiss on her head in the photo where they are the only ones posing. She uploaded a slightly different version of the same picture,

though, in which he is cradling or nuzzling her head and included it in a bigger collage.

This is obviously reading a little too much into the tea leaves, but hey, with all the rumors swirling about these two over the years, it's worth looking into this.

On the surface, it seemed like Will wanted to project a happier, more united front through his images, while Jada was glad to keep her Instagram upload centered more around the family as a whole. 

Never expect Outlander Season 8 in 2024.