Why Yellowstone's 1932 Prequel Has Me Even More Emotionally Invested In 1883's Finale

Finally, "Racing Clouds" (1883) fulfilled the gloomy prophecy established in the opening moments of the Yellowstone prelude, as Isabel May's Elsa Dutton was shot through the chest.

Fans have been speculating about the return of that potentially fatal event and what would happen in the aftermath for the whole season.

Now that we know both of Elsa's parents are preparing for her death, we can see that things aren't looking good for the girl who seems to be on the verge of death

 Even while I wish I could be as upbeat about everything as Elsa is, the recent announcement about Paramount's 1932 prequel makes her fate seem even more foreboding.

As accurate as it was, the penultimate episode of 1883 concluded with the Dutton family's eldest child adamantly declaring that she had known she would die. 

Taylor Sheridan deserves praise for creating a situation in which her survival would need almost miraculous circumstances, giving her supporters a glimmer of hope. 

However, it's probable that Paramount+ dashed those aspirations a few days before the episode debuted,

sending its major reveal video for Sheridan's growing narrative universe straight to the members of the service.

But the clips that were selected to play during the 1932 segment of the film only featured little John Dutton Sr. 

. instead of the “children.” This suggests that the other major characters from the world of 1883 won't have lived long enough to appear in the sequel prequel.

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