Try These 10 Winter Nail Designs in 2024

Star Nail

Create a celestial manicure with dreamy grays and blues as the base, adding silver and gold details for a winter touch. Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein suggests incorporating chrome elements and using glitter to mimic stars. Opt for gold against matte or light blue for a stunning starry-night effect. 

Metallic Nail

Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of Tenoverten in NYC, notes the perennial popularity of metallic nail polishes during the holidays. Whether for a sleek manicure or creative nail art, she suggests pairing metallics with classic nudes for a festive touch. 

This delights Y2K lovers. These TikTok nails will be the hottest manicure trend through 2024. Indeed, it will expand! New hues, color pairings, 3D effects, and rhinestones can make these nails elegant and individualized!

Aura Nail

As we said, 2024 is moving more towards simple and realistic styles. This nail trend of a simple, shiny, translucent color on your nails is here to stay.

Sheer Nail Color

Mono Crystal or Rhinestone Nail Trend

Less is more with these naked glass finished nails, including rhinestone nail art. Instead of having stones all over the way, these delicately placed rhinestones at precise places give an elevated look to your nails and are super classy.

Chocolate Manicure Nail Trend in 2024

This all time minimalistic look is here to stay and make statements. It's a clean, natural look for your nails. "Chocolate milk nails" include plain neutral shades, deep and light browns, sandy beige, and light pink.

A natural and sharp look on your hands is possible with the square shape. This is the aesthetic everyone has been leaning into lately. Choosing light shades and short lengths gives your hands true love and care and a good break from acrylics or gel extensions.

Short, Square Single Color Nail

Very Glossy Nail

Shiny nails will be big in 2024. This requires stacking textures and colors. Color theory lesson! Mixing jelly and magnetic velvet nail paints creates these nails. HD glitter or cat eye polish and chrome powder work too.

Micro or Floating French Tip

This minimal nail trend was used vastly in New York Fashion Week and will remain top in 2024. It's simple and chic and an upgrade to the classic French tips!

Balletcore Aesthetic Bow

Think of 3D bows, bow stickers, or hand-painted bows. The bows have made it to our list of top nail trends and how! How the color pink makes one imagine Barbie, bows is a true sign of femininity, and girlhood.

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