Top 8 Winter Velvet Manicure Ideas for a Gentle Polish

Sheer Winter Velvet Nail

This shows how gorgeous and easy velvet nails can be. This manicure only needs a thin coat of Gelcare UV Gel Nail Polish ($22) in Oyster Velvet.

Bronze Winter Velvet Nail

This bronze winter velvet mani almost matches the sweater's knit weave. The look requires Nails Inc. Attract What You Want Magent Nail Polish ($5).

Green Cat Eye Nail

Cat-eye velvet nails are even more magical. Swooning? Use Mooncat Nail Polish ($16) in Weeping Willow to replicate the effect.

Pink and Plum Swirl Nail

Pink and purple velvet swirl nails resemble Jennifer Garner's 13 Going on 30 outfit in festive mode. Due to the colors and swirls, this nail style is best done at the salon.

Minty Green Halo Aura Nail

We love this mixed-up mani. Minty ombré and green velvet borders. Brittney Ellen used Lights Lacquer Nail Polish ($12) in Something Wicked and Misfit Toys for the manicure.

Pink and Brown Velvet Nail

This silver, pink, and brown velvet manicure is understated but incredibly stylish. It's the ideal take on a neutral glam nail style.

Red Velvet Nail

Red velvet looks great on everything from cakes to gowns to purses to nails. To recreate this identical look, you'll need Mooncat Nail Polish ($13) in Emo for Life and Cirque Colors Nail Polish ($15) in Halo and Lucky Jelly. 

Blue and Champagne Velvet Nail

Both alone and combined, champagne and blue velvet nails look stunning. Choose champagne for a glamorous and celebratory nail appearance. Use blue for a cool finish.

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