Tom Holland Said He Has Regrets Over The Way He Handled Replacing Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man And Admitted He Got Too “Caught Up In Getting The Role”

Tom Holland is reflecting on how he might have handled taking Andrew Garfield's place as Spider-Man in 2015 incorrectly. 

 First, though, a brief overview of Spider-Man's past.The Spider-Man franchise was brought back to life on the big screen with three films starring Tobey Maguire that were released in 2002, 

2004, and 2007 following Sony's 1999 acquisition of the character's rights.Five years later,

with the release of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie in 2012 and a second in 2014, Andrew Garfield became the second person to don the iconic Spidey outfit.It was assumed that,

similar to what they had done with Tobey, Sony would head at least three Amazing Spider-Man films with Andrew in the lead role.But in the end, this was not to

The box office and reviews for the two Amazing Spider-Man films that were released were disappointing. Additionally,

 Andrew publicly criticized the movies even while he was still considered for the part,

charging that the company had ruined "the thread" of the franchise by removing "deep scenes."

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