The Top 10 Press-On Nails With New Year's Eve Themes for 2024

Peach Ombré

Incorporate a flash of color with this ombré style, which is similar to popsicle-stained fingertips but more stylish.

These pink nails, which are a favorite on Instagram, are yet another illustration of the modern ombré. We're in complete awe of these all the time.

Pink Gradient

This colorful manicure, which is shiny, iridescent, and slightly textured, is the stuff of summertime fantasies.

Mermaid Ombré

Although Betina Goldstein is typically recognized for her striking and simple designs, we adore this combination of various pink tones. It updates the widely worn galaxy-inspired style with a contemporary ombré twist.

Mercury Retrograde Ombré

If you want to add some texture to your speckled ombré manicure, try adding a few tiny rhinestones to your manicure.

Speckled Ombré

While the French manicure will always be classic, we also adore a contemporary interpretation of this timeless look. This gradient style is ideal; it's tidy, understated, and refined.

French Ombré

Marble Ombré

Take a cue from Betina Goldstein's style and pair the ombré trend with a simple pink marble effect. Then add a stylish bronze border to complete the look.

Try a horizontal ombré instead of the typical vertical one if you want to stand out from the crowd. Just reverse the direction, and it's equally simple to implement.

Horizontal Ombré

Purple Crystal Ombré

Purple Crystal Ombré

These amethyst-colored ombré fingers have a shimmery, attractive appearance.

This beautifully created manicure is embellished with a variety of vibrant paints. We adore how these nails spice things up by swishing some of the darker colors toward the bottom, even though ombre typically fades down to a lighter color.

Watercolor Ombré

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