The Love Story of Randy Travis and his wife Mary Davis, which has sparked controversy.

That Randy Travis and his wife Mary Davis's marriage had some rough and difficult times is way too little of an understatement. 

Their relationship started out as a scandalous affair between two married people. And that wasn't the end of it; the country star got in trouble with the law many times for things like violence and drinking too much.

But their love never changed. And when Randy Travis had a huge stroke in 2013, Davis was by his side the whole time. 

Let's go back and look at how this controversial love story ended. We'll also learn more about Mary Davis and find out the secret to their long-lasting love. 

In 1977, Randy Traywick, then 17 years old and better known by his stage name Travis, tried out for a talent show at a club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

It was there that he met Mary Elizabeth "Lib" Hatcher, the 33-year-old owner of the club. That time, he already had a record for drug use and driving while drunk.

Even worse, he was going to jail for five years for breaking into a corner shop. When Lib heard that, she persuaded the judge to let her take Randy into custody.

Lib got him, but Randy's presence and the fact that they were both managers and artists made Lib's marriage difficult over time. Even to the point where Lib left her husband Frank and moved to Nashville with Travis.

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