The first celebrity comingo in Grand Theft Auto 6 has been confirmed, and it's a nice one.

Rapper T-Pain hints at his involvement in GTA VI after fans question his absence from NoPixel, a GTA V roleplaying server. 

T-Pain reveals Rockstar Games prohibited him from RP due to his work on GTA VI, comparing it to re-recording an album. 

Despite enjoying NoPixel, T-Pain acknowledges the sacrifices necessary for his GTA VI role. 

T-Pain's specific role in GTA VI remains undisclosed, leaving fans to speculate about his character. 

The Florida Joker threatens to release a GTA VI hacker from jail if Rockstar doesn't pay him for inclusion in the game, adding to the game's wild events. 

Fans express concern over a leaked "twist ending" potentially spoiling the GTA VI experience. 

The article highlights the anticipation for GTA VI cameos, with T-Pain's reveal adding excitement without spoiling the game. 

The author looks forward to future GTA VI trailers, speculating on potential celebrity cameos through investigative efforts or candid reveals like T-Pain's. 

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