'The #1 Change I Noticed When I Drank Black Coffee Every Day for a Week' While it didn't taste as wonderful, it had significant benefits.

I simply adore coffee. I enjoy the way it smells and tastes, how it makes me feel stimulated, and the ritual of taking that first bitter, somewhat creamy sip in the morning.  

While I am alright with omitting the half-and-half, I always add a splash of milk to my coffee. I know some people enjoy black coffee, but I don't. However, as Parade's health editor. 

I'm always speaking with registered dietitians who claim black coffee has numerous benefits and that adding milk to coffee is typically a prescription for a blood sugar surge and fall. So, to begin the new year, I decided to conduct a small experiment: I’d drink black coffee. 

The Number One Change I Noticed During a week of drinking solely black coffee, I found myself less excited because I knew it wouldn't taste as wonderful.  

Usually, my coffee provides me a burst of energy in the morning, and then I start feeling sluggish about noon. I discovered that drinking black coffee helped me maintain my energy levels throughout the day. 

If I had to speculate why I felt this way, I'd assume it had something to do with the blood sugar.Milk contains sugar, so if you drink coffee with a splash of milk—especially if you don't have breakfast, as I usually do—you will experience a blood sugar increase followed by a collapse. 

When you drink coffee black, you get all of the coffee's advantages, like caffeine and antioxidants, without the sugar. To me, it makes reasonable that black coffee would provide more continuous energy. 

Other Differences I Noticed While Drinking Black Coffee While continuous energy was the most significant effect of my black coffee trial, I also noted the following good changes.My workouts were stronger.  

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